KAPTSOVA made in Kyiv

    • Author's project of Olena Kaptsova. The brand was founded in 2013, after 12 years of successful work with the Ukrainian-Polish trademark "Modna Polska".
    • The concept of the brand is "Fashionable means comfortable". Capsule collections allow you to create a complete image. The brand's clothes are used, for example, by news anchors, costume designers for television series and feature films.
    • We worked before the war and we work constantly now, we are happy to work for the wishes and moods of our beautiful Ukrainian women.
    "I love my profession. I love helping my clients to bring out their best sides for the opportunity to show their confidence."
    We invite you to the new studio in Dream Town 1 Shopping Center (ground floor, Atrium Greece))

    KAPTSOVA made in Kyiv

    "Plus" is a team of professional designers who know and love their business. We are engaged in the development, tailoring and sale of clothes.

    We have worked on hundreds of exhibitions, festivals, and fashion markets
    International exhibition Central Asia Fashion, Казахстан, Алма Ати
    Baltic Fashion & Textile Vilnius – International exhibition of textiles, fashion and innovation in Vilnius (Lithuania).
    Kyiv fashion – main b2b event of the fashion industry of Ukraine
    International Apparel & Textile Fair - International exhibition of the textile and clothing industry in Dubai, UAE.

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    We make an application for purchase on the website +38097 997 6927
    Photo by Leo
    Photo by Kolya
    Photo by Paul
    Photo by Jacob
    Photo by Oliver
    Photo by Lea
    Photo by Adam
    Photo by Fabrice
    Photo by Alex
    Photo by Leopold
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    Any weather | Any road | For all age groups | Comfortable | Good

    We work with wholesalers in Ukraine and abroad
    Our collections are at international exhibitions
    Clothes are sold in large shopping centers in Kyiv In stores, qualified sales consultants will choose for you an image that meets your tasks, as well as your type We work only with natural raw materials
    Shop address:
    Kyiv, "Livoberezhny" shopping center,
    metro station "Livoberezhna"
    +38 067-966-64-61
    +38 067-976-14-17
    +38 096-213-64-15
    Watch the video here - "Livoberezhny" shopping center,
    metro station "Livoberezhna"
    Shop address:
    Kyiv, "Dream Town-1" shopping center,
    metro station "Minska"
    +38 067-966-64-61
    +38 067-976-14-17
    +38 096-213-64-15
    Watch the video here - "Dream Town" shopping center,
    metro station "Minska"
    Shop address:
    Kyiv, store of Ukrainian brands KOLO, St. Shota Rustaveli, 1
    It can be like a collection under your own brand. We will produce with your logo
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    channel Youtube
    I write about fashion about creating a unique image and style, and taste development
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